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R22 PHASE-OUT Issues to consider
  • Before replacing R22 with another synthetic refrigerant, determine the compatibility of your compressor, oil type, sealing materials, pipe work strength and controls.
  • Consider that another synthetic refrigerant can significantly reduce your refrigeration capacity.
  • In addition to technical issues, consider total cost ownership, depreciation, health & safety and public relations issues.
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Action Advantages Disadvantages
Do nothing to rely on availability of recycled R22 Virtually no investments required No guarantee of R22 supplies after 2008 at reasonable cost
Replace the R22 charge with ’F-gas’ compliant refrigerant Limited investment costs- Planned equipment down time and reduced impact on site operation- No ozone depletion Probable reduction in efficiency.
May require system modifications. Contributes to global warming.
Additional costs associated with
F-gas regulations
Replace the R22 charge with natural refrigerant Zero global warming impact- More energy efficient that R22 Significant systems modifications may be required. Special regulations for the use of NH3 are applicable that may vary from country to country
Replace individual systems by a central installation using natural refrigerants Long term solution. Planned equipment down time reduces the impact on operations- Modern energy efficient design, saving energy and maintenance costs- Zero global warming impact- Customers see you as environmentally friendly

Significant investment costs may be required.
Possible site alterations to accommodate new plant.

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  • R22 PHASE-OUT "Helping you to make the right decisions"

    If your facility uses a refrigerant that will be banned, you need to act soon.
    Industrial Refrigeration Services can help you review your options
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News - Part 2

Banning R22 - As you know, the EU banned R22 and other HCFC’s.
  • According to EU regulation 2037/2000, virgin R22 can not be used until the end of 2014. Alternative refrigerants such as HCF’s cost significantly more than R22.