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Industrial Refrigeration Services Ltd are a leading provider of new equipment, after service and maintenance on all aspects of refrigeration and air conditioning throughout the UK. To assist our customers we have detailed below, as a reminder, at latest R22 phase-out details based on the latest information and EU regulations.

Industrial Refrigeration Services Ltd are able to offer a service to provide a suitable solution to meet with each individual site requirement.

R22 Phase-out Dates

After the 31st of December 2009 new R22 virgin refrigerant will not be allowed to be used for charging or topping up refrigeration systems.

If you should have any reclaimed R22 refrigerant this is allowed to be used but we would recommend that it is only if you are sure it is free from any contaminants, oil or water.

After 31st December 2014 a complete ban on all R22 refrigerant for recharging or topping up existing systems will apply. (There is a possibility that this date will be brought forward)

It will not be illegal to continue operating an existing system on R22 refrigerant but it will be illegal to add or charge the system with R22 refrigerant after the above dates have expired.

After the above dates have expired should a system operating on R22 require to be charged or topped up with refrigerant the system will be replaced or converted to operate on an alternative refrigerant.

The loss of all or part of the R22 refrigerant charge from a system is certain to have an effect on the equipments capability to maintain operating temperatures. The length of the time required to replace the existing equipment or convert an existing system will involve lengthy equipment down time.

Replacing R22 Refrigerant Charges

Replacing the refrigerant in an existing system at present charge with R22 refrigerant requires the system to be assessed as to the compatibility of the compressor, oil type, pipe work pressure rating and controls.

  • Alternative refrigerants may reduce the cooling capacity of the system
  • Alternative refrigerants may operate at higher operating pressures
  • Alternative systems may use more energy

News - Part 2

Banning R22 - As you know, the EU banned R22 and other HCFC’s.
  • According to EU regulation 2037/2000, virgin R22 can not be used until the end of 2014. Alternative refrigerants such as HCF’s cost significantly more than R22.
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News - Part 3

R22 PHASE-OUT Issues to consider
  • Before replacing R22 with another synthetic refrigerant, determine the compatibility of your compressor, oil type, sealing materials, pipe work strength and controls.